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Sisi Nova Rizkiani, S.T.

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Sisi Nova Rizkiani Nama: Sisi Nova Rizkiani, S.T.
– S1 : Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia


  • Tjondro, J.A., Sian, B., Sidauruk, R., dan Rizkiani, S.N. 2013. ” The Behaviour of RC-Beam and RC-Slab Using Coarse and Fine Recycled Concrete Aggregates”. Proceeding the 6th Civil Engineering Conference in Asia Region: Embracing the Future through Sustainability. Jakarta, Indonesia. pp. TS1-149-TS1-155. ISBN 978-602-8605-08-3.
  • Sian,B., Tjondro, J.A., dan Rizkiani, S.N. 2013. “Mechanical Properties of Concrete Using Coarse and Fine Recycled Concrete Agregates”. The 2nd Indonesian Structural Engineering and Materials Symposium. Bandung., 7-8 November 2013.